Hello, I am Dexter, a researcher based in Salt Lake City.

I combine quantifiable social science research experience with unquantifiable people skills.

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My Story

I have dedicated my career to solving problems and improving human experiences, working with great companies and research centers to ensure that humanity is at the core of our work.

Trained in psychology, I believe there are many powerful and flexible methods to gain user insights. With over 10 years of experience in web development and varied professional experience in business and research settings, I have a deep understanding of - and unique perspective into - the UX design process. My skill set is a good mix of research, design, and technical know-how.

If this sounds exciting to you, get in touch.

My latest projects

As a senior investigator in the NIH intramural program, I have had the privilege of working with many extremely bright and talented interns. Among this highly select group, Dexter stands out as exceptional – not only for his strong scientific aptitude, but also for his initiative, character, and heart.

Most notable was Dexter’s thoughtful and scientific approach to analyses he conducted. In proposing and planning his analyses, Dexter gave great consideration to carefully defining his research question and analytic approach prior to proceeding. He extensively reviewed the literature, demonstrating a strong ability to synthesize a great deal of information and hone in on the most relevant aspects for informing his work. Throughout, he demonstrated a depth of thinking and degree of scientific rigor I would expect from a postdoctoral fellow.

Tonja R. Nansel, Ph.D. Senior Investigator at the National Institutes of Health.
I worked with Dexter at the NIH while we were both research fellows, collaborating closely on several research studies. Dexter is a strong research analyst with a wide array of technical skills in data analysis, web development, and user experience/wire frames. He was instrumental in developing web prototypes that facilitated study recruitment, marketing, and navigation for multiple internal and external audiences. Dexter is also passionate about social justice and his body of work reflects that. I am happy to have worked with Dexter and would love to work with him again in the future!
Benjamin Gee Advisory Senior Consultant at Deloitte.
Dexter is a tireless worker who is always willing to go above and beyond what is required. These skills helped him collaborate with scientists from different disciplines throughout our office. He demonstrated dependability, upbeat attitude, and creative problem solving abilities while simultaneously working on a number of research projects. Although he has a broad range of skills, I think he shines in his ability to consider the perspectives of others. This leads to clearer written communication and carefully thought out research presentations. Dexter is truly one of a kind, and was an exemplary colleague at NICHD.
Jessamyn Perlus Counseling Psychology.
Dexter was a pleasure to work with, both on a personal level and a professional level, and a great example to follow... he was always willing to share his expertise with any member of the team, and document it for future reference and dissemination; or to lend a hand to another team member, for whatever the reason. He managed to juggle college and employment, excelling at both simultaneously, and he is genuinely one of the nicest, most considerate and easy-going people I have ever met, with a unique depth of understanding of human nature, and an ability to read, understand, and sympathize with people from vastly disparate backgrounds, in order to find a common ground. I think he could enter into any environment and find where he fits in, seamlessly.
Patricia Johnson Hubspot Engineer at Pivot Communications.